Locking & Unlocking

Have you locked your premises

If you don’t want to have to worry about securing your business premises, why not let us do it for you?

Our dedicated team of officers are vetted with British Standards for Vetting and Screening as well as fully licensed in line with SIA and British Standards for Manned Guarding. We will lock and unlock your premises which can then relieve your staff of this responsibility and therefore minimise any marginal errors relating to security.

Whilst in control of locking and unlocking your premises, we will also carry out thorough checks for security risks such as fire risk, accidents and possible breaches of security. Furthermore, we can set any alarms at the end of the day and disable them in the mornings ready for your staff to arrive.

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    Our locking / unlocking service includes:

    • Turning alarms on/off
    • Checking for security risks
    • Investigating possible breaches
    • Checking for fire risks

    While we operate mainly in Westminster, Camden, Greenwich & Lewisham; our security services are available to you throughout London.

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