A complete protection service for VIPs in London

We provide a complete VIP protection service for clients and their foreign visitors and families during their stay in London.

Close protection encompasses a broad spectrum and at GSS, we go as far as providing what we term ‘protective convienience services’. Our focus is primarily the avoidance of bureautic hindrances for the free movement of VIP’s.

Furthermore, close protection doesn’t always mean armed bodyguards. In many instances executives, VIP’s and sports teams simply require a chauffer driven vehicle to either take them from the airport to their hotel or other venue using the safest possible routes.

Executive protection and VIP protection is necessary for visiting high-risk locations of unfamiliar places. At GSS, our operatives have extensive knowledge of the major cities of the UK and our staff are conversant in several languages and are well trained to comply with the cultural sensitivities of our clients.

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