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Why Security Guards Are More Important for Businesses Than Ever Before

17 Nov 2020

There are many benefits of security guards and virtually any business can benefit from hiring security professionals. In fact, the benefits of a good security presence cannot be stated strongly enough. This is true in nearly any industry, including entertainment, construction, sales, pop-up shops, sporting complexes, parking garages, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and more. Especially for:

o Any business located in a high crime area.
o Any business that is open at night.
o Any business that is known to have a lot of cash or valuables on hand.
o Any business where the customers are likely to be hot, inebriated, or have some other heightened emotions setting.

Provide Peace of Mind
o Having a security guard around can bring a heightened sense of security around the entire business. It can help employees to be more productive because they don’t have to worry about their safety while they are on the job. It can help customers feel safe to shop or engage without being overly cautious. And it can help leadership feel comfortable that all is well.
o Simply having a visible security guard, is a visible security booth, some lighting and security cameras can provide tremendous deterrents to would-be criminals.
o Security guards are trained to look for suspicious characters. Often, a security guard can detect that something is going to happen and prevent it through action or simply by watching carefully and causing the person to give up their troublemaking plans.
o Security guards with a properly equipped security guard booth that is capable of handling surveillance while maintaining a 360-degree eyesight view can reduce theft, trespassing, and other problems.

Provide Customer Service
o While security guards are securing facilities, they can also answer customers’ questions, walk customers or employees to their car, patrol the parking lot, and more. An experienced security officer that is used to his post may be able to direct customers to products or services, approach and offer to help customers who appear confused, or call in other employees to handle customer service when necessary.
Above mentioned are some specific things that security guards do, as far as job duties but not limited and can always be enhanced on client request.

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